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Binding Machine Reviews

Whether you need a binding machine for school, work or home, binding machine reviews can help you choose the right machine for all your binding projects. Fellowes offers machines for every type of comb binding task. Use the reviews to find the perfect fit for office, classroom or home.

Top Rated Light Duty Binding Machine

Star™ + 150 Comb Binding Machine

96% of 51 Customers Would Recommend This Product. See the reviews.

The Star + is ideal for binding in a small office or home office setting. Manually punch documents up to 15 sheets at a time and bind up to 150 sheets with a 3/4" comb. The enhanced accuracy edge guide delivers pinpoint alignment, so no do-overs. This binding machine also features built in comb storage and a document thickness guide to keep you organized. Use the Star+ for presentations, leave-behinds and other marketing collateral to promote your business.

Top Rated Medium Binding Machine

Pulsar™ + 300 Comb Binding Machine w/Starter Kit

91% Of 23 Customers Would Recommend This Product. See the reviews.

Built for the busy company departments, the Pulsar + 300 delivers consistent binding performance for medium to large offices The Pulsar + punches up to 20 sheets at a time and binds up to 300 sheets with a 1 1/2" comb and keeps binding efficient with an enhanced accuracy edge guide. The Pulsar + also comes with a binding starter kit with a 10 pack of assorted binding covers. The ideal machine for publishing company policies, presentations, reports and other mid-level binding projects.

Top Rated Electric Binding Machine

Galaxy-E™ 500 Electric Comb Binding Machine w/ Starter Kit

100% Of 8 Customers Would Recommend This Product. See the reviews.

For the highest level of productivity for large offices, the Galaxy E offers effortless electric operation. With a push of a button, you can punch up to 28 sheets at a time. Bind up to 500 sheets for large jobs. The enhanced accuracy edge guide maintains consistent results. Also, a unique removable binding mechanism allows for two people to punch and bind simultaneously to meet tight deadlines. More than a machine, the Galaxy E is a binding "system" for generating annual reports, monthly business reviews and other high volume binding projects.

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