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Organization Through Binding: An Accountant's Approach

Organization Through Binding: An Accountant's Approach

Pradip Patel & Co. has offered certified accounting services to consumer and business clients in the Chicago area for over 30 years.

Pradip Patel & Co. helps clients organize their tax returns using Fellowes binding machine

To help his clients keep their tax documents manageable, Pradip Patel began using a binding machine to organize annual tax returns, binding all related papers into one concise document. This approach allowed clients to maintain well-organized records throughout the accounting cycle. With issues such as audits, tax returns were already efficiently organized and ready to present. The approach also made complex tax documents more accessible to clients.

By offering bound tax records, clients can see their tax information at a glance anytime they need it. This approach helps clients keep their financial documents organized, easy to understand and easy to access.
- Pradip Patel


Accounting clients do not always keep well-organized records. Patel saw the opportunity to give his customers the added benefit of receiving organized records after visiting his office.

By binding the returns, Patel was able to help clients maintain organized records without much effort on their part. Each bound return retains all primary documents and highlights important information that could be seen in a glance, including adjusted gross income, taxable income and payments due.

The bound return remains self-organized, completely intact and with key data on the cover and first page for quick and easy reference.

How Product Helped

The Fellowes Star+ 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine allowed Patel to bind returns quickly and easily at the end of every client appointment. Clients left the office with well-organized returns and less anxiety over tax season.

Sometimes when I need to find certain financial information, I can refer to Patel’s stack of bound returns in my closet for faster results. Because they are so well organized, it is sometimes easier to get the info I need from there, rather than my own personal files.
- Client of Patel

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Patel has since upgraded to a Fellowes Quasar E 500 Electric Binding Machine to increase productivity. He will be adding a second binding machine for his support staff.

Since implementing a binding machine as part of his tax preparation process, Patel has increased his client list as his bound (and branded) tax returns attracted new customers via word of mouth.

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