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Best Laminators for Teachers - Classroom Laminator Reviews

A thermal laminator has become a staple in classrooms, allowing teachers to create customized dry erase worksheets, flashcards and other teaching tools that, with the durability of lamination last throughout the school year. However, one school laminator size does not fit all. A busy school will require more than a occasional use laminator for numerous daily projects. Or a frequent use laminator with all the bells and whistles may be more than one teacher needs or can afford on a classroom budget. The best laminator for a specific school or classroom need depends primarily on usage. Here are some of the best reviewed laminators used in different educational settings.

DIY Laminator for One Teacher

Some educators prefer a compact laminator that fits easily in their classroom for occasional laminating projects, or one that can be easily taken home to work on the next day's projects.

Cosmic 2 95 with Pouch Starter Kit

94% of 17 Customers recommend this laminator. See the reviews.
This sleek personal laminator works with various laminating pouch thicknesses for different project needs, from 3-mil seasonal worksheets that come out once a year and experience less handling to 5 mil flashcards that get handled more often. The Cosmic 2 warms up in 5 minutes and has HeatGuard Technology, making it safe for a classroom setting.

"This laminator is a little lifesaver. It's essentially plug in and laminate. Works great. Items look fantastic after being laminated."

A Laminator Built for Several Teachers

When a teacher and a teacher's assistant are using the pouch laminator or several teachers share it, then a machine designed for more use is required.

Saturn 3i 125 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit

94% of 17 Customers recommend this laminator. See the reviews.
This pouch laminator features an extra wide 12-1/2 entry width so faculty can create everything from large seasonal classroom posters and infographics to smaller desk tags for the first day of school. The handy release lever also makes it easy to disengage a pouch for re-centering, minimizing error and wasted laminating pouches.

"It comes with a bracket to hold the document as it exits the machine, which is a nice extra. I like the indicator lights that tell me what thickness I've selected and when it has warmed up. It even beeps at me if I forget to remove a document."

A Laminator for the School Administrator or Librarian

When a school can only afford one laminating machine, then it is often kept in an administrative office or is managed by the school librarian. Teachers may have to show up early in the morning or stay after school, with laminating pouches in hand, to get their projects done. The best laminator for this situation is one designed for frequent use.

Venus 2 125 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit

93% of 15 Customers recommend this laminator. See the reviews.
This laminator features a sophisticated AutoSense system to detect and self-adjust to pouch thickness and a rapid laminating speed for faster results, making it the ideal laminator for staff use in a school library or administrator's office.

"My first experience using a Fellowes product, and I must say I am impressed with the overall build quality of the Venus 2 125 laminator that I purchased. It has been performing flawlessly."

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