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Modular Walls
Design Process

The Fellowes Design Process

Fellowes makes it possible for your design vision to come to life in just 5 steps.
Step 1:
how modular walls can bring value to any space.

We will help you sketch your thoughts and ideas that maximize the potential of your project and budget.

Expert Guidance: Fellowes team will work with you every step of the way to understand the project’s conditions and needs.

Pre-Specification Discovery: With Fellowes you can explore possibilities and new products. Our proprietary tools allow you to reimagine every aspect of the office without the pressure of commitment that happens at the Define stage.

Partnership: We will collaborate with dealers, architects, designers, engineers and real estate experts to maximize the value of any project.

Step 2:
the details that matter.

Move from exploration to definition of products, materials and finishes your space requires, all with accurate cut sheets, shop drawings, and schematics to secure a smooth installation and be in control of your project. 

Services for Dealers and Designers: Fellowes generates realistic, accurate visualizations with CET and CAD assets for all products with specification libraries.

Comprehensive Documentation: From material compositions and structural certifications to lab tested STC ratings and door swing radii, every product selection is backed by the specification documentation you need for your construction process.

Final Look: Every design specification includes a final look to ensure you get what you want. Your Fellowes Specialist will review with you the entire project details.

Step 3:
with proven American manufacturing.

With the final specifications defined, Fellowes will proudly construct your modular walls in our USA facility using domestically-sourced materials. Our industry-leading manufacturing process ensures every modular wall is reliable and crafted to the highest quality.

Controlled Quality: We are ISO 9001 certified and vertically-integrated to offer competitive lead times and to comply with the highest regulatory requirements.

Designed Sustainably: Fellowes uses universal components and recyclable materials to meet ambitious sustainability and productivity goals.

Dependable Service: We deliver on time and on cost. You can connect with your dedicated representative at any time for accurate production and delivery updates.

Step 4:
without delays or headaches.

Once your product is produced and shipped, our Fellowes-certified technicians ensure speed to occupancy with faster, smoother installation that saves time and avoids surprises..

Certified Installer Network: With over 100, and growing installer teams certified across North America, you can have confidence your project will be executed by proven, reliable technicians near you.

Integration with Other Trades: Fellowes Certified Installers are trained to collaborate with other trades on the job site, which keeps projects on schedule and minimizes the dust, downtime, disruption & dollars during installation.

Step 5:
to the space you need next.

Fellowes Modular Walls are designed for maximum - giving you the freedom to easily modify, adapt and add-on in a cost-effective way to meet the dynamic and ever evolving needs of your organization. 

Designed for Change: Universal components and common track system enable our modular wall to be easily reconfigured to meet new needs faster and easier than traditional framed walls.

Easy to Adapt: Our premium modular walls series allow to add-on different trim packages, glass and other materials to improve the aesthetic and/or acoustic design without removing the original product installed.

Built to Last: Fellowes’ modular walls are made with durable, high-quality materials backed by Lifetime Warranty to serve your organization, space, and people for years to come.

Design Your Space Now

When you partner with Fellowes, our customer obessive teams work with you every step of the way. We provide all of the necessary digital tools in the design and planning phases, and our production and installation teams work together to deliver extraordinary final results for EVERY indoor environment.

In 1917, Harry Fellowes set in motion a way of doing business that has become our cultural foundation at Fellowes to this very day. We are here to serve, through a humble and helpful spirit. We strive each day to pursue our values of family, innovation, quality and care. Into our fourth generation, our work is driven by a purpose to add value to those we serve.

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Established in 2014, GIVE is a purpose-led program dedicated to supporting local and global partners who are addressing humanitarian's greatest social, education and health-based needs..

Learn About Our Initiatives

Formed in 2021, Earth is a renewed commitment to preserve, protect and renew our planet. Grounded in a conviction that we have great responsibility in caretaking our generation's imprint on this world, the Earth framework is integrated into our product development process, packaging design, organizational facilities and policies as well as our daily decision-making.

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