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Array is the first system of its kind, where networked air purifiers and commercial HVAC work in complementary harmony throughout your entire space.

Seamless & Scalable Integration

Array’s thoughtfully designed range of air purification units seamlessly integrates into any space and design aesthetic. It brings localized air quality management throughout your space, no matter the layout.

As a uniquely developed networked air quality system, Array is endlessly scalable to adapt with your building structure, headcount, and purification needs.

  • Scalable to adapt with your building structure, headcount, and purification needs
  • LTE-networked units ensure fast, reliable connectivity anywhere

Automatic Sense & React Technology

Advanced suite of EnviroSmart+™ sensors proactively monitor their surroundings and automatically respond to deliver clean indoor air as your needs change. This allows our units to work hard when they need to, and shift into standby mode when possible to conserve energy and reduce operating expenses.

  • Sensors continuously share and receive air quality data, providing comprehensive insight to how air is moving, degraded, and ultimately purified
  • Our full suite of IAQ, monitoring and comfort sensors include particulate (PM2.5, PM10), VOC/TVOCs, CO2, rH, temperature, indoor air pressure, light, occupancy and sound

Effective & Efficient Filtration

Our 3-in-1 filter is 99.95% effective in capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns including viruses, allergens and germs. The mixed-flow fan design maximizes air flow while delivering quiet operation.

  • Designed for demanding, continuous use, Fellowes filters feature a one year filter life
  • UVC enabled units kill bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and other airborne contaminants

Monitoring & Real-Time Data

Smart air purification that connects back to you. Array’s intuitive monitoring and display technologies tell you the exact air quality status of your space in real-time.

  • Viewpoint displays concurrent data, notifications, trends and information that enables optimal indoor Air Quality Management. Available on any device from anywhere
  • Building managers can schedule maintenance needs, track air quality over time, and identify correlations with energy usage*
  • Lookout display shows precise air quality status and filtration progress via a wall-mounted display or desktop display

*Available to Viewpoint Plus subscribers


The complete line of Fellowes Array products work together to provide an intuitive, coordinated response to your air quality circumstances – all designed with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Thanks to a range of configurations and installation options, Array is designed to complement and enhance any space.

The Invisible, Now Visible
Clean Air from Above
High Performance, Low Profile
Light-Powered Disinfection
Wall to Wall Protection
Designed for Maximum Flexibility
Monitor Any Space

In 1917, Harry Fellowes set in motion a way of doing business that has become our cultural foundation at Fellowes to this very day. We are here to serve, through a humble and helpful spirit. We strive each day to pursue our values of family, innovation, quality and care. Into our fourth generation, our work is driven by a purpose to add value to those we serve.

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Established in 2014, GIVE is a purpose-led program dedicated to supporting local and global partners who are addressing humanitarian's greatest social, education and health-based needs..

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Formed in 2021, Earth is a renewed commitment to preserve, protect and renew our planet. Grounded in a conviction that we have great responsibility in caretaking our generation's imprint on this world, the Earth framework is integrated into our product development process, packaging design, organizational facilities and policies as well as our daily decision-making.

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