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Product & Design

“We are passionate about the insatiable goal of making things better. In our pursuit of creating innovative solutions that elevate WorkLife, we see each new idea and project as an opportunity to push the boundaries, redefining standards and expectations of what's possible.”

John Fellowes

“Fellowes distinctive and integrated development teams pioneer new innovations through embracing creativity and imagination, while discovering new possibilities to bring those ideas to life.”


In 1917, Harry Fellowes set in motion a way of doing business that has become our cultural foundation at Fellowes to this very day. We are here to serve, through a humble and helpful spirit. We strive each day to pursue our values of family, innovation, quality and care. Into our fourth generation, our work is driven by a purpose to add value to those we serve.

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Established in 2014, GIVE is a purpose-led program dedicated to supporting local and global partners who are addressing humanitarian's greatest social, education and health-based needs..

Learn About Our Initiatives

Formed in 2021, Earth is a renewed commitment to preserve, protect and renew our planet. Grounded in a conviction that we have great responsibility in caretaking our generation's imprint on this world, the Earth framework is integrated into our product development process, packaging design, organizational facilities and policies as well as our daily decision-making.

Learn About Our Initiatives