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Recessed UV

Light-Powered Disinfection

Stylish flush-mount design that fits perfectly into double ceiling tile

The AR1 UVC units is a standalone air disinfecting unit that provides an extra layer of protection against pathogens in spaces where it’s needed. It is safe for use in occupied spaces and can be a great addition to your indoor air quality system for areas where occupants may have compromised immune systems.

Our UV-C air purification technology is highly effective in killing airborne microorganisms. We control the air speed and flow to deliver a 99% first-pass kill rate with our self-contained UV-C chamber that’s hidden in the ceiling.

Our proprietary and patent-pending reflectivity chamber
concentrates UV-C light to maximize reflectivity

Clean, subtle design offers integrated and seamless suspended installation in standard grid ceilings and is designed for occupied spaces. The self-contained UV-C chamber is hidden in the ceiling plenum

  • Our proprietary and patent-pending ultra-high reflectivity chamber utilizes a shielded all metal chamber, designed to last for the life of the unit
  • Array AR1 UVC delivers a high first-pass kill rate and is specially designed to provide dedicated and continuous 24x7 ultraviolet protection against airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold, all while safely hidden overhead and out of sight.
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • The AR1 UVC unit includes a pre-filter that keeps the UV chamber free of dust and hair and operating as efficiently as possible
  • 9,000-hour bulb only needs changing once per year
  • Bottom panel access for easy bulb and filter replacement
Access to the Array Viewpoint cloudbased
dashboard is included
  • All units in the Array system connect through LTE
  • Designed and engineered for long term use backed with 3-year warranty
Square Feet
Square Feet

Networked UV-C disinfection unit integrates into grid ceilings without connection to duct work

  • Designed for occupied spaces, the AR1 UVC installs seamlessly into standard grid ceiling without connecting to duct work
  • UV-C chamber is hidden in ceiling plenum
  • Proprietary and patent-pending ultra-high reflectivity chamber utilizes a shielded all metal chamber, designed to last for the life of the unit

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