This will be the hub for all template review. Use one of the links below.

From the CBC Creative Team

Deliverable Template Files

  1. Configurator Test
  2. Navigation Master Template
  3. Homepage Template
  4. AQM Mega-Category Template
  5. Business Machines Mega-Category Template
  6. Modular Walls Mega-Category
  7. Furniture Mega-Category
  8. Workspace Mega-Category
  9. Functional Pages
    1. My Cart Template
    2. My Cart Checkout Template
    3. My Cart Checkout Options Template
    4. My Cart Order Confirmation Template
    5. My Account Template
    6. My Account Information Template
    7. My Account Product Registration Template
    8. My Account Eligible Replacements Template
    9. My Account Recent Orders Template
    10. My Account Recent Order Details Template
    11. My Account Address Book Template
    12. My Account Payment Methods Template
    13. My Account Password Reset Template
    14. My Account Logout Template